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Brunch is one of this areas favorite ways to spend Weekend Days between 11AM and 4 PM... Most of the time you leave in a daze from so so to amazing food and good times with friends... What if you could add an element that leaves you feeling empowered and motivated!

Stay tuned for details on our POWERED Brunch Series..featuring different influencers in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area and chefs with something to say to everyone that considers themselves a foodie! Launching this spring...

Our Second Series of the, "Beauty and The Lush" Part II featuring LIPP cosmetics kicked off in November, it was a great success!

For this series, we featured LIPP Cosmetics and couldn't have been more excited! When I met the creator, Aleah Rae, it was her positive bright energy that captured me, and her red lip LOL! This along with her passion for her craft and her company came through so genuinely, that I was immediately excited about working with her! After learning about what LIPP is, I couldn't wait to try the product, when my samples came, I fell in love with the packaging, the fresh sharp edge of the lipstick on that first twist and the silky glide I felt putting it on. I took the lipstick through my normal "do I like this ?" lipstick tests: the cup and the kiss! After passing these and a few hours of normal life, I was loving test was the take off: it didn't leave my lips feeling super dry! I can only imagine having these same features in custom colors! AH!

My final take: My makeup bag and the industy literally needs LIPP and I knew I needed LIPP to be the perfect feature for our second Beauty & The Lush series!


During our sessions, our guests found their LIPP Print! The beauty of LIPP is the option for custom color and during these sessions, our guests got to sample the custom lip colors that LIPP features and even got to witness the LIPP Mixologist herself in action mixing colors, during a live demo on a beautiful model, we saw Aleah Rae build looks around the featured lip color and spend time with the guests customizing the look based on your skin tone,complexion, and style!

After each LIPP Session, our guests spent time with our mixologist, doing a tasting and learning how to make a cocktail while indulging in small bites from our in house caterer! This was literally the perfect fun night out, solo or with the crew! Each session was limited to 20 spaces so that all of our guests got to spend time with our featured host.

Reserve your seat today from the session menu below!

RSVP is required and is available until 3PM on the day of the event!

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Beauty and The Lush Series

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