How to plan for Valentines Day?

As Valentines Day fast approaches, most of us start to wonder what we will do on that (fill in with your favorite adjective) day. Whether a dinner date with your beau, drinks with your friends, steak with your Dad, or sending flowers to your mother across the country you will probably be a part of the 91% of Americans that in some capacity partake in that (another opportunity for your favorite adjective) guy Cupid's holiday.


We have taken the approach that Valentine's day, simply is what you make it! We love the art of love, so anything that evokes some sort of happiness, an inspiration to make someone smile, laugh or blush- count us in! But who's job is it??

Some may argue that Valentines day is just for one side... It's pink, it's pretty, it's cute, it's fuzzy, it's ours right?? Maybe not! It can also be romantic, fun, passionate, and just a day to do something special for the one you love or are loving on right now.

So whatever you choose to do and whomever you choose to do it with do it well with our tips on planning for Valentines day:

  1. Do NOT wait until the last minute! Planning is the most important part of any event that involves spending time and money.

  2. Be Creative, but not cheap- That old cliche saying of " It's the thought that counts, was missing that small but significant disclaimer. Check out our Pinterest Page to see creative and afforable gift ideas:

  3. Use your resources- Do your homework in picking a restaurant, a recipe, or a desination for your night of fun and butterflies!

    Contact us to plan your entire Valentines Day, Night and Weekend!

  4. Stay in your lane- Trying to do the impossible is often a set up for failure which is worse than having a simple and fun night that you know for sure will be loaded with fun, laughs and good memories.

    Let us create a pamper package for your Sweetie, personal shopping, spa, and and perfect ending to the day with a Chef right at home!

  5. Enjoy! No one says that this is just a holiday for one of you, for only those in relationships or for those with endless amount of money. Love has always and will always be free and making someone smile and forget about their worries is worth a million bucks!

Send us pictures of your Valentines day! We'd love to see...


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